Bronte Creek Project

The Bronte Creek Project (BCP) is a one semester, four-credit, environmental leadership program for grade 11 and 12 students.

The BCP class is made up of about 20 students selected from all Halton public and Catholic schools. Students spend every day at Sidrabene, a 100-acre community property located at 5100 Appleby Line in the heart of the Halton District School Board. The property has a main school building with two classrooms, a dining hall, and kitchen.

Throughout your semester, you get to know a new group of friends and build an incredible sense of community. You learn in an environment where success is celebrated and challenges are welcomed as part of the learning process.

As you learn about sustainable development and other important environmental issues, you will expand your relationship with nature. You will develop powerful leadership skills and explore exciting career opportunities through numerous field trips and visits by guest speakers.

Courses are integrated through experiential, hands-on activities that encourage connections across different disciplines. Authentic learning opportunities lead to certification in Greencheck GPS Training, Wilderness First Aid, Paddling and Ice Safety. You can also register in the Specialist High Skills Major program to further extend learning opportunities.

A typical day at BCP includes a mix of outdoor activities and indoor classroom lessons. Cooking lunches during the week and taking responsibility in the kitchen is also part of the BCP experience. Your semester ends with a 5-day adventure trip snowshoeing in Temagami or canoeing in Algonquin Park.

Part of your semester also includes teaching grade 5 elementary students a two-day overnight program called Earthkeepers. You learn the script for a dramatic ecology activity, and teach about three Earthkeepers programs during your semester. You may also lead a campfire or hike as part of the evening program.

For additional program information including the admission process for the Bronte Creek Project, please click here.