Online Learning

Online learning opportunities are available through both our Self Reliant Learning Program and as part of our Secondary Summer School Credit Program. Online learning provides the greatest degree of flexibility in accessing course content and allows adult learners the ability to structure their program to meet their individual and unique learning needs.

In addition to a fully online learning experience, some Self Reliant courses are also delivered in a hybrid delivery model, which provides a combination of face-to-face direct instruction with online content, discussions, assignments, and activities which can be done off campus. Like other online courses, this involves the use of a Ministry of Education online learning management system that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Online learning allows students, among other things, to:

  • access course content online (students will need to have a computer and internet access);
  • engage in enriching online discussions with other students and teachers;
  • stay organized and keep up with their school work

Below you will find links to 3 different e-learning suitability quizzes.  Be sure you have the necessary skills to successfully manage and complete an online credit program prior to enrollment.


eLearning link