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Class of 2021 Testimonials:

   “This school will do everything they can to ensure that your time here will not be wasted; they will do anything they can to make sure you grow and prosper both personally and academically.” (Jordyn D- June/21) “Just go for it, there is no reason to be intimidated.” (Jordan F- June/21) “Best decision you will ever make!” (Krista G- June/21) “It's worth the time you put in.” (Kyle G-June/21) “No matter how much you hate it or you don't want to do it, just do it! Procrastinating just makes you be there longer.” (Sam H- June/21) “It will be the best choice you've made. Gary Allan has the best teachers and staff and the amount of support you get from them is amazing.” (Sharon H- June/21) “It’s better than Normal school and the teachers are So helpful and dope but it’s still “academics” so don’t think it will solve all your problems. Academics and education mean nothing without passion and effort to do what gives you happiness not status or comfort.” (Ethan H- June/21) “The best in life are free and the hardest things are what shape us into who we are. When you are offered both, what is stopping you?” (Adrian N.F. - June/21) “I would suggest they consider the school for the various courses offered and also because of the friendly and helpful teachers.” (Hiba K- June/21) “Go to your classes and finish your high school while you are still young because when you start getting older more responsibilities come your way.” (Nolan K - June/21) “Just start!” (Jeff M- June/21) “If you prosper when learning without the confinement of schedules, this is the place for you.” (Abdullah M- June/21) “Work hard and you will achieve your goals.” (Amelia M- June/21) “In my point of view Gary Allan High School is the platform where one becomes qualified to open college and university pathways.” (Zainab M- June/21) “It’s a great school with an excellent support system to help you with your educational needs.” (Bobbie-Lee M- June/21) “My advice will be to go ahead with Garry Allan High school. This is because the teachers are knowledgeable, helpful and responsive.” (Ouafa M- June/21) “I would definitely recommend this school, because the teachers are always ready to help!” (Sebastian P.A.- June/21) “Go for it! This will change your life!” (Woori R- June/21) “Teachers are very helpful, they kept me motivated, which helped me stay on task.” (Brooke R- June/21) “I thought at first it would be very tough and impossible to manage my personal life and studies. Gary Allan school made this possible for mature students to learn without disturbing their personal life.” (Ursala S- June/21) “Don't hesitate - great teachers and staff there to help you out!” (Jeff S- June/21) “I would suggest to someone going to Gary Allan High School that, Education is the most important thing in life to have for yourself and Gary Allan High School makes that very easy to do.” (Avie-Lee S- June/21) “Go for it, it's an amazing school!” (Tiffany S- June/21) “Great school, wonderful staff and our future is bright with them.” (Lissandra S- June/21) “It's a great school with great teachers who are always there for their students.” (Farhan Ali S- June/21) “Gary Allan has taught me so much during my time with the school. The biggest lesson I have learned is to never give up! Keep pushing through although sometimes it can be challenging but with enough determination and motivation you can do anything you put your mind to. I have learned that I have the potential to do anything I want to do. Graduating school is something I thought I would never be able to do, but Gary Allan helped me learn that I can do it!” (Kaylee T- June/21)

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