Adult eCredit Program

Gary Allan’s Adult eCredit (AEC) Program provides FREE on-line learning to adults 21 years and older (as of December 31st, 2020).  The program runs from the day after Labour Day in September until June 20th (or closest school day). Course work and final exam must be submitted by that date. Registration for the current year closes on the first school day in May.

Adult eCredit Courses can help you:

  • Earn credits towards your High School Diploma
  • Upgrade skills for the workplace, or apprenticeship
  • Get pre-requisites for post-secondary options

Program Outline:

  • All content is delivered on-line through the Brightspace platform
  • Have access to your course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on-line
  • Marked by HDSB Continuing Education teachers
  • Tests and Exams written on-line
  • Brightspace platform training as needed every Monday and Wednesday evening 6-9PM
  • All courses are from the Ontario Secondary School curriculum

A student is permitted to register for 2 Adult eCredit courses plus 1 Adult Class Credit course in either the morning or afternoon.

A student is permitted to register for a maximum of 4 Adult eCredit courses at the same time, with no Adult Class Credit courses.


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How to Apply

Download the Adult eCredit registration form and email it and all required documents to 

For courses offered during the summer, click here

 Alternatively, if you wish to speak to a counselor to learn more about each program and determine your educational pathway, please book an appointment here or contact the site that is most accessible for you.

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Courses offered are dependent on enrollment and will not be offered if enrollment is low.
*There is no cost to Ontario Residents to participate in the program. Fees apply for International/Out of Province Students.