To register or schedule an appointment, please select an option below. 

Summer School and Night School registration is done online.

To transfer to Gary Allan High School, please contact the Guidance counselor at your current school.

Summer School and Night School registration is done online.

For all other programs, students who are between the ages of 18 and 20 must complete the following Registration Package

Registration Package



If for any reason you are required to come into Gary Allan High School, you must complete the Covid-19 School Screening the morning of your appointment. 


Please review the HDSB policy on

Statement of Personal Information Practices 

Medical Danger- Anaphylaxis 


Very Important:

Forms will not be processed if incomplete, or if incorrect Proof of Identity is received.

Students who are over 21 may register online for the Adult eCredit ProgramAdult In-class ProgramSummer School and Night School  without an appointment.

For all other programs for Adult Learners, please complete this form

Should you wish to meet with a counselor to discuss an educational plan, complete the registration form for the program of your choice and we will will contact you to schedule an appointment.

To change an appointment date, please email