Elementary Student Programs


We offer summer learning opportunities for HDSB students in grades 6, 7 and 8. These include Math and Literacy camps and Reach Ahead secondary credit classes for grade 8 students.

Registration is now CLOSED

Important Information

In-Person Class Locations:
Dr. Frank J. Hayden (3040 Tim Dobbie Drive, Burlington)
Garth Webb (2820 Westoak Trails, Oakville)
Craig Kielburger (1151 Ferguson Drive, Milton)

Online Synchronous Classes:
Online classes will be held in synchronous Google Meet classrooms.

First day of class – Tuesday, July 2nd
Course duration and class times vary. Please see below.

Bussing is NOT provided.

Grade 6-8 Numeracy/Literacy Programs

Grade 8 Reach Ahead

Grade 6- 8 Numeracy/Literacy Programs are offered both in class and online in synchronous Google classrooms. All classes focus on building student confidence and engagement while exploring key skills, concepts and strategies in either math or literacy. An online class tailored to Multilingual Learners (MLL) is available for grade 7 and 8 students (numeracy class is offered in session one, literacy class in session two).

Please Note: Students may enrol in both the Math and Literacy Programs (one per session), or choose just one program. Students cannot register for the same program twice, or two programs in the same session as they run at the same time.

Session One: Tuesday, July 2nd – Thursday, July 11th
Session Two: Monday, July 15th – Thursday, July 25th

In person classes: 9:00am – 12:00 noon
Online synchronous classes: 9:00am – 11:00am

Reach Ahead courses for Grade 8 students are high school courses where students can achieve a secondary credit in the summer.

Please note: All Reach Ahead classes are now at capacity. Registration for Reach Ahead is now closed.

Grade 8 students who are currently enrolled in the HDSB (2023-2024 school year) can earn a secondary school credit by successfully completing the following summer school course. The course is offered in class for twenty days.

GLD2O: Discovering the Workplace – Grade 10 (Open): students will investigate occupations of interest and develop an understanding of work through a variety of experiences. Note: This course does not grant the compulsory Grade 10 Careers credit.

Dates: Tuesday, July 2nd – Monday, July 29th
Times: 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Dr. Frank J. Hayden (3040 Tim Dobbie Drive, Burlington)
Garth Webb Secondary (2820 Westoak Trail, Oakville)
Craig Kielburger (1151 Ferguson Drive, Milton)

Summer Program registration is now CLOSED

The International and Indigenous Languages Elementary program is a non-credit program that is open to all Halton elementary school-age children (JK- grade 8) regardless of their cultural or ethnic background. This program provides Halton students with the opportunity to develop their language skills, deepen their cultural awareness, foster pride in their heritage and strengthen their self-esteem.


Classes run on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings throughout the school year. Our summer program runs weekday mornings in July.

Summer Registration opens: Wednesday, May 1st
Summer Registration closes: Wednesday, June 12th

Full Year 2024/2025 Registration opens: Wednesday, August 14th

HDSB Students

Registration is CLOSED

Non-HDSB Students

Registration is CLOSED

Classes and Locations

Important Dates

Last weekend of 2023-2024 classes: Friday, May 31st / Saturday, June 1st
Full year classes do not run on holiday weekends, winter break and spring break. Classes run on P.D. days.

First Summer School class: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024
Last Summer School class: Thursday, July 25th, 2024


Friday: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Summer: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Monday-Thursday)

Program Notes:

  • Registering your child does not guarantee a place in a class. Places are confirmed by email.
  • Sufficient student registrations and a suitable instructor are required to offer a class.
  • The class may also be over-subscribed, in which case we will allocate places in order of registration.
  • A non-refundable $25 payment for classroom materials will be required when a place is confirmed.
  • Classes are built by age, not by ability. Classes may include several grades.
  • If a language is not offered, please email int-lang@hdsb.ca with your request. We require 23 students and a suitably qualified instructor to form a class.