Frequently Asked Questions


Please refer to the registration section on the page of the program you are interested in. If you are not a HDSB student, you will need to email us proof of identity, Proof Of Ontario Residency (eg. a current utility bill in your name) and proof of legal status in Canada. This information is required to obtain funding for your learning.

Please refer to the course list posted on the page of the program you are interested in. Please note that some courses may be full or may not have sufficient registrations to run.

Some courses are offered fully online, others are offered in a Hybrid model (some online, some in class) and others are offered as in class. Co-op takes place at your place of work but includes some compulsory class time.

If you are a current student of a Halton District School Board secondary school, please see your guidance office for registration options.

It depends. Unfortunately you cannot be registered at Gary Allan in an online day time credit course if you are a student of another public or catholic school board in Ontario. You may register in summer school, night school, or a non-credit course, for example International and Indigenous Languages (Elementary), if you are a student of another board.

Adult Languages Program

The program is for adults, 18 years and older who are permanent residents or convention refugees. Refugee claimants and Canadian Citizens are also eligible.

If you do not fall under any of the above eligibility categories, you can still register for our courses. A monthly course fee is applicable.

We offer several in-person classes at each of our Gary Allan locations. But, most classes are online.

Under certain circumstances, some clients are eligible for free bus tickets provided by the program.

We offer childcare services for parents registered in the LINC program. No other children are allowed on school property, no matter their age.

All new learners must have a language assessment completed at the Achev or YMCA’s Language Assessment and Referral Centre.

Once you have your assessment results, you may contact to register.

Co-operative Education (Co-op)

We can connect paid employment with a co-op course where the employment is suitable and where the employer is willing to support the course requirements. Please call your local campus for more details.

No. Co-op is a specific course of study that requires consent from the employer via a work-education agreement. Only hours worked while registered as a co-op student in the current academic year can be used for co-op credit.

Proof of hours is only one part of earning a co-op credit. Other assignments, including (but not limited to) log sheets, reflections, safety testing and other summative assessments must be successfully completed in order to earn co-op credits.

Night School

Courses are conditional on enrollment. If we do not have enough students to run a class, we will combine classes if possible. Cancellations will be posted on on February 16th at 4:00 PM. We will not have access to class numbers until that date.

Students may miss a maximum of three classes. Further absences may result in removal from the program.

These are not general interest courses. Classes are for students working towards their high school diploma, completing prerequisites for post-secondary, or fulfilling employment requirements. You will be required to participate in all classes and complete all tests, quizzes, and the final exam. Credits will be recorded onto your permanent Ontario Student Record.

No. Night school classes are currently for students under 21.