All Night School courses have been cancelled due to low enrolment.  Courses will be offered in Semester 2 beginning in February. This includes Language courses which will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Registration will open in mid-December.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

About International Language Credit Courses

Today student’s live in an increasingly interdependent and global world and the study of international languages provides students the opportunity to learn an additional language, enrich their understanding of how languages work and to develop greater understanding and sensitivity towards other cultures.

The International Languages Secondary Credit Program operates as part of our Night School Program and is open to all adult and high school students who wish to earn a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  Courses run on Wednesday evenings from September to June.

Courses currently running are Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish. All German courses will now be offered on Wednesday evenings.

It is important to note that these are High School Credit Courses. We do not offer General Interest or Beginner Courses. Students are expected to have  a grade 10 or higher proficiency level of the language with the ability to communicate verbally and in writing with basic phrases at time of enrollment.  All courses require successful completion of pre-requisites prior to enrollment. This includes students who are native speakers of a language which they wish to take as a Night School Credit.

The Registration Process

Select one of the following:

Registration is now closed. All courses have been cancelled. Semester 2 offerings will be posted in mid-December.


Students currently enrolled a Secondary School in the Halton region must register for Night School through their MyBlueprint account . Please see your guidance office for more information.

Registration is now closed. All courses have been cancelled. Semester 2 offerings will be posted in mid-December.


Non-HDSB students

  • Students who are currently in a non-HDSB high school must download and complete the registration form
  • The student’s home school Guidance/Student Services department must then review the form for accuracy and correct course selection, indicate forms of Proof of Identity on file, and sign the form.
  • A copy of your High School Transcripts must be attached to the registration form.
  • Email all completed forms and transcript to

Very Important:

Forms will not be accepted if incomplete or if Proof of Identity is not verified by the home school’s Guidance counselor.


Registration is now closed. All courses have been cancelled. Semester 2 offerings will be posted in mid-December.


 Adult students (over 18 years of age) 

Must complete the following 3 steps:


Very Important:

Forms will not be accepted if incomplete or if incorrect Proof of Identity is received. Drivers license/Health Card will not be accepted.

Students will be expected to complete all  assignments,  tests and exams, and maintain regular attendance (max 3 absences total). Failure to do so will result in removal from the program and a failing mark on the students permanent educational records.

Please note that as these are High School Credit classes, current high school students and students who require the credit for graduation will receive priority placement in the course.  All other applicants will be placed on a wait list in order of application date and will be notified the week prior to course the start date. 

Spaces in class are limited and may reach capacity prior to the registration deadline.

There is no cost to Ontario Residents to participate in the program. Fees apply for International/Out of Province Students.