International Languages Credit Courses 

Gary Allan High School provides International Languages Credit courses as a part of our Night School program. Courses are available to current high school students and Adult Learners who are permanent residents of Ontario.

About International Language Credit Courses

The International Languages Secondary Credit Program operates as part of our Night School Program and is open to all adult and high school students who wish to earn a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Arabic, German, Korean, Mandarin & Spanish are offered in the full year International Language Credit Courses – September 20th – May 1st, Wednesday evenings.

It is important to note that these are High School Credit Courses. We do not offer General Interest Courses. Students are expected to have a grade 10 or higher proficiency level of the language with the ability to communicate verbally and in writing with basic phrases at time of enrollment into Level 1 of the course.  All courses require successful completion of pre-requisites prior to enrollment. There are no exceptions to skip the prerequisites, regardless of language knowledge. This is because the curriculum in each level builds off of material covered in the previous level, very much in the same way that Grade 12 English requires the completion of Grade 11 English.  This includes students who are native speakers of a language which they wish to take as a Night School Credit.


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Please note that as these are High School Credit classes, current high school students and students who require the credit for graduation will receive priority placement in the course. If there is insufficient enrolment, courses may not run. Students will be contacted via email in the event that any changes are required.

There is no cost to Ontario Residents to participate in the program. Fees apply for International/Out of Province Students.