Due to delays related to the Covid-19 Pandemic, registration for Night School will not be opening until September, 2020.

About Night School

 Night School provides the opportunity to complete Secondary High School Credit courses in a variety of subjects areas. The program is open to both high school students and adults who wish to earn a credit towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Courses offered include those in English, Math,  Co-op  and full year long International Languages.

It is important to note that these are High School Credit Courses. We do not offer General Interest or Beginner Courses.  All courses require successful completion of pre-requisites prior to enrollment. This includes students who are native speakers of a language which they wish to take as a Night School Credit.

The Registration Process

Select one of the following:

Students currently enrolled a Secondary School in the Halton region must register for Night School through the Student Services Department at their home school prior to the deadline.   Please see your guidance office for more information.

Non-HDSB students must bring bring a completed registration form to the Student Services Department at their home school prior to the deadline.   The home school must attach a credit counselling summary, verify identity and eligibility to enroll in the course, and sign the registration form prior to submission.    See what documents are acceptable here.

Adults (18 yrs of age or older) must complete a registration form to register and send it by email, coned@hdsb.ca, fax (905) 637-5390 or deliver it in person to Gary Allan High School, Burlington.

Appointments with a Guidance Counselor are not required for Night School registration.

Adults MUST provide the following at time of registration:

  •       Proof of Citizenship
  •       Proof Of Date of birth
  •       Proof of Ontario Residency

See what documents are acceptable here.

Students will be expected to complete all assignments,  tests and exams on time and maintain regular attendance (max 3 absences total). Failure to do so will result in removal from the program and a failing mark on the students permanent educational record.


See Information & Schedules or Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Please note that as these are High School Credit classes, current high school students and students who require the credit for graduation will receive priority placement in the course.  All other applicants will be placed on a wait list in order of application date and will be notified the week prior to course the start date. 

Spaces in class are limited and may reach capacity prior to the registration deadline. Courses offered are dependent on enrollment and will not be offered if enrollment is low. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis

There is no cost to Ontario Residents to participate in the program. Fees apply for International/Out of Province Students.