Prior Learning Assessment (P.L.A.R.)

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a formal evaluation and accreditation process in which students may obtain credits towards the secondary school diploma (OSSD) for knowledge and skills that they have acquired outside of secondary school. This prior learning is assessed and evaluated to determine whether the student has met the provincial course expectations. The student may “challenge” a specific course for credit or may obtain credits through the “equivalency” process if they have credentials from schools outside Ontario.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition for Mature students provides a quicker way for adults to earn credits towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  Mature students may earn up to 16 junior (grades 9 and 10) credits and/or 10 senior (grades 11 and 12) credits through an assessment of transcripts and/or the completion of assessments. The number of credits that may be earned is determined by several factors including the number and type of courses previously taken in Ontario or elsewhere.

Secondary school students who do not qualify as mature students, but who are currently enrolled in a regular day school program in an Ontario secondary school may also challenge a course for credit, provided the course is a Grade 10, 11 or 12 credit course currently offered in the Halton District School Board. Students may earn a maximum of four (4) credits through the challenge process, including a maximum of two credits in any one discipline. High school students interested in learning more about this challenge process must attend an orientation session held in April to review the expectations and the application process.

For further information regarding challenging a course for credit, please email Leah McCann at