Secondary Teen Education Program (S.T.E.P.)

The Secondary Teen Education Program (STEP) is designed for students who are at least in their third year of high school and:

  • require a smaller, more supportive and structured academic setting
  • struggle with transitions inherent to a regular high school
  • need their attendance and punctuality monitored more closely
  • need to develop better school habits in a closely tracked, integrated program that combines career/life education with individualized instruction for compulsory courses in a small class setting.

In the STEP program, teachers endeavor to build a caring and inclusive learning community centered on wellness, equity, respect, and collaboration. Career exploration and work opportunities are integrated into the academic program to create a diverse and engaging learning experience. Community outings and volunteer experiences facilitate self-development and skill development by connecting students to important resources and through participation in asset building activities. The goal for the program is to provide a meaningful educational experience that inspires a vision for the future, builds capacity to make positive decisions, and develops necessary skills to achieve success. Working towards completion of their of high school diploma, students develop academic and employability skills necessary for a successful transition into the workplace, apprenticeship programs and community college.

Admission Process:

Students interested in the STEP program must be currently attending a secondary school within the Halton District School Board and must be referred to STEP through their home school. While space remains available, intake is continuous from September to November for semester one and February to April for semester two.

Referrals submitted by the second Monday in June will be considered for a September placement. Referrals submitted after this deadline may still be considered however students should remain registered at their home school. Intake meetings for these cases will be scheduled for late August and/or the first week of September.

This program is delivered at each of our four day school locations in the communities of Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills. There is a combined maximum of 40 students at each STEP location. Two teachers work separately with groups of students within their subject areas. Students are further supported by a school social worker.