Transcript Requests

Transcripts are held at the last High School of attendance.

If Gary Allan Learning Centre was the last High School you attended, please click here for more information.

How to enroll

It is easy to get more information and get started in a program which interests you. Check out the Guide to Secondary Schools.

Schedule an appointment online to speak with a counsellor


What is required for the Appointment?

Due to the Pandemic, all appointments are virtual.

Please complete a registration form for the Program of your choice.


Please send the following supporting documentation with registration form in order to register:

  • Proof of age & citizenship – birth certificate or passport
  • Immigration Documentation (for landed immigrants or refugees)
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Ontario residency
  • If available, a copy of the student’s School Transcript or Credit Counselling Summary (contact your former school if you don’t have it)
  • Students currently enrolled at another High School must have student services complete and sign the required form.

Personal Electronic Devices

In our effort to maintain constructive and focused learning environments for students, appropriate use of electronic devices is important.

Electronic devices including all smart phones, ipods, ipads should be used to support learning in the classroom as directed by the teacher only.

Electronic devices are to be turned off and put away during tests and exams unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

All personally-owned technology such as laptops, ipads, smart phones, etc. are the personal responsibility of the student.

Technology Resources

Gary Allan campuses have pcs and laptops available for student use. Wifi connections may be available at your campus.

Software for Students

Premier Assistive Technology is a suite of assistive technologies which includes a scan-and-read program, a talking word processor, a universal reader (which allows websites to be read); an e-text reader, a talking calculator, and a host of other applications. These may be downloaded at home, at no cost to the user, by any Halton staff or student. Vist the Premier home page. We cannot publish the product key on this site, but we will gladly provide it. Please see your teacher.


HDSB Student Resources

myHDSB for Students

myHDSB for Students was developed to provide resources and services to students using their own technology from home or at school.

These services and resources include access to:

  • userdata or the G: drive;
  • printing at the school (access limited to printers authorized by the school, additional printers may be requested by the school);
  • School website, library website and library catalogue and
  • educational websites and resources.

Details and support materials may be found at accessing myHDSB using my Personally owned Device.

To access:

  1. Click myHDSB for Students
  2. URL
  3. through the Elementary or Secondary Student Internet Tools page

Access at School

When accessing myHDSB for Students at school, you should use the MYHDSB wireless network. The HDSB.CA wireless network will not provide access to userdata (G: Drive) or to printing.

Contact your teacher, I.T. contact, access the myHDSB for personally owned devices or email the CHATT conference with your question.